La poudre aux yeux by José Luis Torres


Artist José Luis Torres’s work is currently on display at the Maison de la culture de Pointe-aux-Trembles in Montreal, Quebec (Canada).

His exhibition “La poudre aux yeux is made of photo collages, drawings and sculptural assemblies created from successive manipulations of everyday material and objects.

Both eccentric and crazy, the universe of this body is simple only in appearance. Its strategical high-jacking and recompositions question the very identity of the object. As in a camouflage, appearances can be deceiving, and their interpretation often leads to confusion.

“In my recent projects, I address the value of the object as a witness of history, and its paradoxical status, as it is fundamental yet incidental. By distorting objects and submitting them to multiple manipulations, I explore the mechanisms of the construction/deconstruction of their identity.”

Born in Argentina, José Luis Torres has been living and working in the province of Quebec since 2003. His works have been presented in many solo and collective exhibitions, among public interventions and during artist residencies across Canada, Argentina, the United States, Mexico and Europe.

His practice, mostly in sculpture, is often installative and operates with the notion of trajectory, striving to involve the viewer physically by putting him at the heart of the art work.

The exhibition “La poudre aux yeux is presented until May 8 at the Maison de la culture de Pointe-aux-Trembles, 14001 Notre-Dame Street East, Montreal.


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Latitude 53 presents José Luis Torres: Mutations


Works by artist José Luis Torres are currently on exhibit at the Latitude 53 Main Space in Edmonton, Alberta. His installation entitled Mutations was created during this weeklong residency with the opening-taking place on April 10.

Tiffany Shaw-Collinge writes in the exhibition essay « José Luis Torres’ work continually explores a transitional state of being, from a migration perspective, and has exhibited his “aesthetic of a fortuitous collector” broadly in Canada and almost a dozen countries. In the gallery the artist will reconfigure domestic objects with architectural effects in the interest of movement and time. The site-based work he creates incorporates random items that he says “carries with it a personal story, [with] its own identity, leaving its own trace.”

José Luis Torres’ installation creates artistic situations and architectural events: a metaphor for the environments and objects we encounter every day. His collections deploy abstract associations which question formal logic. By using an adaptive approach that operates similar to an underpainting technique, he uses the embedded memory found in the objects as a support in a canvas of arrangements which provide the viewer with a deeper narration of the work. The objects’ formal compositions of colour and texture bleed into one another, uplifting the history of its original intent–now found as a type of memento mori.

Latitude 53 has been collecting used items such as carpets and doors for the exhibition which Torres explains he will change into a “sculptural device, taking on a harmonious form, unified to produce something new.” This architectural expansion of the field, and the artistic expression of the objects combined together in the gallery, enable the discovery of understated connections and unknown relationships.

The boundaries framing the art, architecture and environment of Torres’ work create conversations–in the dissections, and additions of objects with regards to one another–without the specificity of one discipline.

Without fully being sculptures, installations or still-lifes on their own, these arrangements oscillate between the dream and reality of natural and constructed space. This body of work employs tactics of dérive and détournement in the way that components were accumulated and assembled within the gallery » (

Originally from Argentina, José Luis Torres has been living and working in Québec since 2003. His work has been showcased in several solo and group exhibitions, in public interventions and artist residencies in Canada, Argentina, the United States, Mexico and Europe. His exhibit Mutations will be on display until May 23, 2015.

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Two José Luis Torres Exhibits in October


At the end of the month of September, artist José Luis Torres presented his solo exhibit “Va-et-vient” at the Galerie d’art du Parc de Trois-Rivieres at the Festival International de la Poésie 2014. The sculptor has also just returned from a trip to Argentina where he gave several conferences and presented a solo exhibit.

In Trois-Rivières, Torres’ exhibit was a series of works created from everyday objects that evoke movement. Considered by many as being ordinary, the objects are actually vintage collection pieces in the making, items that hold memory and our history, each item regarded by the artists as being steeped in personal souvenirs. A playful tone, brought on by using items in an unusual way, is at the heart of each of the different works. The artist’s exhibit “Va-et-vient” is open to the public and is on display at the Galerie d’art du Parc de Trois-Rivières until December 7th.

While in Argentina from last September 29th to October 9th, the artist, who was invited by the Musée d’art Eduardo Minnicelli de Rio Gallegos , presented his work “La collección”. An exhibit that was presented in situ and was created using geographical maps, political posters and video projections. The rooms in the museum became home to the amalgamation of these fleeting works, the pieces inviting on-lookers to think about an urban landscape in a poetic way. The objective was to spark reflection on the way we occupy public spaces, memory, movement and humanity’s instability. The exhibit was completed by a conference entitled “Interventions in space” that featured recent works by José Luis Torres.

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José Luis Torres participates at the Symposium de Baie-St-Paul


Artist José Luis Torres has just returned from the Charlevoix region where he participated at the 32nd International Contemporary Art Symposium in Baie-Saint-Paul.  The event, organized by the Musée d’art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul, took place from August 1st to the 31st.

Under the direction of Serge Murphy, this year’s symposium theme revolved around different aspects of time.  Dozens of artists from Canada, France, India and the United States participated.  José Luis Torres, the only sculptor invited to participate, approached the theme through movement.  He created a series of six works, three of which incorporated uncommon means of transportation such as a golf cart and a dolly.

Torres’ works of art were created through the use of recycled objects – items, considered by the artist, to be temporal reservoirs that carry their own history and memory.  In this project, entitled La colección, Torres remarks that “the observer can notice the evoking of the idea of moving as it relates to time and the playful use of the objects that are at the heart of each work”.

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José Luis Torres participates at the Passages insolites event


Artist José Luis Torres has just recently completed a series of temporary installations along rue du Sault-au-Matelot in the Quartier création neighbourhood in Quebec City.  His works appear as part of the Passages insolites event, organized this summer for the first time by EXMURO public arts.

It was at the invitation from Vincent Roy, artistic director of EXMURO, that the sculptor created a body of four works entitled Stock en transit.  The event website mentions; “With a pinch of irony, Stock en transit (Stock in transit) playfully brings together an impressive number of colourful objects from our familiar surroundings. These polymorphous sculptures question the elusiveness of things as well as our tendency towards excessive consumption and hoarding of diverse objects, especially during the summertime”.

The project brings together professional artists specialized in visual arts and architectural collectives from Quebec in order to deploy ephemeral installations in six different locations. The inauguration took place July 17th and the pieces will remain on display until October 18th. Les passage insolites event aims to encourage the public to wander off the beaten path and experience the unexpected – creating an original way of experiencing the city.

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A monumental installation for José Luis Torres in Ontario


La colección, Cambridge Galleries 2014

Artist José Luis Torres recently completed a three-story high installation in Cambridge, Ontario. Torres was invited by the Cambridge Galleries/Idea Exchange to produce his ephemeral piece integrated into a public space. The piece was inaugurated May 30th and will remain on display until October.

Torres’ participation in this event was integrated into CAFKA, one of the biggest biennial contemporary art events in Canada. In addition to the Canadian and international artists selected by the CAFKA team, the organization also requested the assistance of curators working in the Waterloo region for their selection assistance. This is how Iga Janik, curator for the Cambridge Galleries/Idea Exchange, came to suggest the Argentine native, now established in Montmagny.

Torres’ piece, part of his “La colección ” series, was integrated in to the face of the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, Cambridge campus building. A multitude of colourful plastic objects were assembled with the use of cables in random cascades and fits perfectly with the event objective: attract attention, stimulate contemplation, curiosity and exchange.

Torres used the aspect of exchange as the jumping off point with the general public by inviting them to supply objects that could be used in the piece. Remaining items were found at recycling centers in the Cambridge area. For José Luis Torres, the result is a scene that provokes a diversion of the senses with the objects having acquired a metaphoric energy and a collective second life.

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Source : Tintamarre communication créative

José Luis Torres has two exhibits currently showing in Alberta

MUTATIONS, Calgary 2014

Artist José Luis Torres has recently returned from Alberta where he installed two exhibits; one in Calgary and the other in Lethbridge.

From March 31st to April 4th, the sculptor was invited to the TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary where he realized his installation entitled “Mutations I”. A series of random objects, selected for their plastic qualities where their metaphoric properties occupied the main space in the playful scene. The sculptural vignettes were produced using objects from local community based organizations and from the general public.

From last Arpil 5th to April 10th, the artist created the installation “Mutations II” at Trap\door Artist Run Centre in Lethbridge. In both installations, Torres was looking to echo the social fabric and history of each location. By exchanging with the public, working with the objects left by participants and using artefacts marked by the passing of time in the community, the sculptor was looking to express the local identity in his exhibits and provide the public with an opportunity to have constructive exchanges.

Mutations I will be on exhibit in Calgary until May 3rd while Mutations II is showing until May 31st.

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Source : Tintamarre communication créative

José Luis Torres on exhibit in Val-David, Canada


Works by artist José Luis Torres are currently on exhibit at the Centre d’exposition de Val-David, Québec (Canada). His installation entitled Ces objets du désir was created during his week-long residency with the opening taking place last March 22nd.

“The project reflects an esthetic of a fortuitous collector”, mentioned José Luis Torres during the presentation of his exhibit. Torres brought together a series of personal items as well as borrowed objects from different community based assistance organizations in the Laurentides region. Each item in the random collection carries with it a personal story, its own identity, leaving its own trace. United in this exhibition, the objects now take on a new life, an unusual life and will once again shine.

Manon Régimbald, Director of the Centre d’Artiste had this to say regarding Torres’ installation, “These objects are made up of memories and intentions; they are witnesses to our era. Amongst the mix of objects, there are those that are important to us and others that are less so. The manner in which the collection of items is randomly installed reminds us of the vanity that they represent, now captured in this still life. Reflecting on this is not a luxury during this current period of programmed obsolescence and overconsumption; we have never produced so much trash with both our garbage and recycling bins overflowing”.

Originally from Argentina, José Luis Torres has been living and working in Québec since 2003. His work, mainly sculpture and installations, is a study in stimulating a relationship between the location, the piece and the individual. His exhibit “Ces objets du désir” will be on display until May 18th, 2014. For more details, please visit


Source : Tintamarre communication créative

Mutations by José Luis Torres

Projet Mutations 2014 

José Luis Torres is currently on exhibit at the Action Art Actuel artist-run centre in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec (Canada). The opening for his installation entitled “Mutations”, which was created during a two-week residency, took place on February 27th.

“Mutations” is a site-specific installation that was inspired by the permanent “construction site” of our everyday lives.  Evoking the movement that is linked with the notion of time and the ludic use of everyday objects are the concepts at the heart of the various woks.

The installation is created from objects found in everyday life.  A collection of random items, odd vintage pieces, ordinary objects that have been worn out over time, collected from here and there, symbolising the ensemble of possessions that we acquire in a lifetime, some that are even passed down from one generation to the next.  The question of time is explored in this accumulation of cumbersome pieces that have lost their sense of importance and that we cease to see because we hide them away in storage.

Like a grand illusionist, the artist uses these common items and steers us towards a different way of looking at them.  Personal items changed into sculptural device, taking on a harmonious form, unified to produce something new.

Originally from Argentina, José Luis Torres has been living and working in Québec since 2003.  His pieces have been on display in many individual and collective exhibits as well as in public pieces created during residencies throughout Canada, Argentina, the United States, Mexico and Europe.

Through his art, which is mainly sculpture, Torres seeks to stimulate the relationship between the location, the piece and the individual experiencing it.  “Mutations” is on display until March 22ns, 2014.

Source : Tintamarre communication créative

José Luis Torres presents his exhibit « La colección » in Alma, Canada

Sans titre-1

Artist and sculptor José Luis Torres is currently presenting his exhibit “La colección” at Langage Plus in Alma, Quebec.  This body of work was created during a short residency with the exhibit opening taking place last February 7th, 2014.

Students from the Arts et technologies informatisées du Collège d’Alma were present for the opening to participate in an exchange with the sculptor.  Torres had the opportunity to discuss his creative process and the sense purpose he gives to the objects he collected from the public.  In fact, the general public and Torres both contributed to the installation by providing objects from their own possessions.

With a unique composition and being repurposed, the objects that come from all over the province of Quebec are also infused with a metaphoric quality.  For Torres, the objects, which are ordinary everyday items, are reservoirs of the collective memory.  By transporting a part of his personal collection on his travels between the Iles de la Madelaine and the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, the artist has transformed his incongruous group of items into mobile pieces of history.

Grouped into six sculptoric intervention throughout the exhibit space, the furniture, tools, pieces of equipment and other construction items become the center of the exhibit, the narrative in the story the sculptor is telling.  An impossible assembly of chairs and dilapidated tools precariously piled up.  A door hangs over a mirror on the floor – between the two, a light bulb.  In another area, a rocking chair, fisherman’s buoys suspended in a quasi-decorative bouquet.

The exhibit “La colección” is on display until March 30th.  José Luis Torres would like to thank the Canada Council of the Arts for their support in the production of this project.

Source : Tintamarre communication créative