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Artist and sculptor José Luis Torres is currently presenting his exhibit “La colección” at Langage Plus in Alma, Quebec.  This body of work was created during a short residency with the exhibit opening taking place last February 7th, 2014.

Students from the Arts et technologies informatisées du Collège d’Alma were present for the opening to participate in an exchange with the sculptor.  Torres had the opportunity to discuss his creative process and the sense purpose he gives to the objects he collected from the public.  In fact, the general public and Torres both contributed to the installation by providing objects from their own possessions.

With a unique composition and being repurposed, the objects that come from all over the province of Quebec are also infused with a metaphoric quality.  For Torres, the objects, which are ordinary everyday items, are reservoirs of the collective memory.  By transporting a part of his personal collection on his travels between the Iles de la Madelaine and the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, the artist has transformed his incongruous group of items into mobile pieces of history.

Grouped into six sculptoric intervention throughout the exhibit space, the furniture, tools, pieces of equipment and other construction items become the center of the exhibit, the narrative in the story the sculptor is telling.  An impossible assembly of chairs and dilapidated tools precariously piled up.  A door hangs over a mirror on the floor – between the two, a light bulb.  In another area, a rocking chair, fisherman’s buoys suspended in a quasi-decorative bouquet.

The exhibit “La colección” is on display until March 30th.  José Luis Torres would like to thank the Canada Council of the Arts for their support in the production of this project.

Source : Tintamarre communication créative



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