Projet Mutations 2014 

José Luis Torres is currently on exhibit at the Action Art Actuel artist-run centre in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec (Canada). The opening for his installation entitled “Mutations”, which was created during a two-week residency, took place on February 27th.

“Mutations” is a site-specific installation that was inspired by the permanent “construction site” of our everyday lives.  Evoking the movement that is linked with the notion of time and the ludic use of everyday objects are the concepts at the heart of the various woks.

The installation is created from objects found in everyday life.  A collection of random items, odd vintage pieces, ordinary objects that have been worn out over time, collected from here and there, symbolising the ensemble of possessions that we acquire in a lifetime, some that are even passed down from one generation to the next.  The question of time is explored in this accumulation of cumbersome pieces that have lost their sense of importance and that we cease to see because we hide them away in storage.

Like a grand illusionist, the artist uses these common items and steers us towards a different way of looking at them.  Personal items changed into sculptural device, taking on a harmonious form, unified to produce something new.

Originally from Argentina, José Luis Torres has been living and working in Québec since 2003.  His pieces have been on display in many individual and collective exhibits as well as in public pieces created during residencies throughout Canada, Argentina, the United States, Mexico and Europe.

Through his art, which is mainly sculpture, Torres seeks to stimulate the relationship between the location, the piece and the individual experiencing it.  “Mutations” is on display until March 22ns, 2014.

Source : Tintamarre communication créative



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