Works by artist José Luis Torres are currently on exhibit at the Centre d’exposition de Val-David, Québec (Canada). His installation entitled Ces objets du désir was created during his week-long residency with the opening taking place last March 22nd.

“The project reflects an esthetic of a fortuitous collector”, mentioned José Luis Torres during the presentation of his exhibit. Torres brought together a series of personal items as well as borrowed objects from different community based assistance organizations in the Laurentides region. Each item in the random collection carries with it a personal story, its own identity, leaving its own trace. United in this exhibition, the objects now take on a new life, an unusual life and will once again shine.

Manon Régimbald, Director of the Centre d’Artiste had this to say regarding Torres’ installation, “These objects are made up of memories and intentions; they are witnesses to our era. Amongst the mix of objects, there are those that are important to us and others that are less so. The manner in which the collection of items is randomly installed reminds us of the vanity that they represent, now captured in this still life. Reflecting on this is not a luxury during this current period of programmed obsolescence and overconsumption; we have never produced so much trash with both our garbage and recycling bins overflowing”.

Originally from Argentina, José Luis Torres has been living and working in Québec since 2003. His work, mainly sculpture and installations, is a study in stimulating a relationship between the location, the piece and the individual. His exhibit “Ces objets du désir” will be on display until May 18th, 2014. For more details, please visit www.joseluistorres.ca.


Source : Tintamarre communication créative



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