At the end of the month of September, artist José Luis Torres presented his solo exhibit “Va-et-vient” at the Galerie d’art du Parc de Trois-Rivieres at the Festival International de la Poésie 2014. The sculptor has also just returned from a trip to Argentina where he gave several conferences and presented a solo exhibit.

In Trois-Rivières, Torres’ exhibit was a series of works created from everyday objects that evoke movement. Considered by many as being ordinary, the objects are actually vintage collection pieces in the making, items that hold memory and our history, each item regarded by the artists as being steeped in personal souvenirs. A playful tone, brought on by using items in an unusual way, is at the heart of each of the different works. The artist’s exhibit “Va-et-vient” is open to the public and is on display at the Galerie d’art du Parc de Trois-Rivières until December 7th.

While in Argentina from last September 29th to October 9th, the artist, who was invited by the Musée d’art Eduardo Minnicelli de Rio Gallegos , presented his work “La collección”. An exhibit that was presented in situ and was created using geographical maps, political posters and video projections. The rooms in the museum became home to the amalgamation of these fleeting works, the pieces inviting on-lookers to think about an urban landscape in a poetic way. The objective was to spark reflection on the way we occupy public spaces, memory, movement and humanity’s instability. The exhibit was completed by a conference entitled “Interventions in space” that featured recent works by José Luis Torres.

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