Works by artist José Luis Torres are currently on exhibit at the Latitude 53 Main Space in Edmonton, Alberta. His installation entitled Mutations was created during this weeklong residency with the opening-taking place on April 10.

Tiffany Shaw-Collinge writes in the exhibition essay « José Luis Torres’ work continually explores a transitional state of being, from a migration perspective, and has exhibited his “aesthetic of a fortuitous collector” broadly in Canada and almost a dozen countries. In the gallery the artist will reconfigure domestic objects with architectural effects in the interest of movement and time. The site-based work he creates incorporates random items that he says “carries with it a personal story, [with] its own identity, leaving its own trace.”

José Luis Torres’ installation creates artistic situations and architectural events: a metaphor for the environments and objects we encounter every day. His collections deploy abstract associations which question formal logic. By using an adaptive approach that operates similar to an underpainting technique, he uses the embedded memory found in the objects as a support in a canvas of arrangements which provide the viewer with a deeper narration of the work. The objects’ formal compositions of colour and texture bleed into one another, uplifting the history of its original intent–now found as a type of memento mori.

Latitude 53 has been collecting used items such as carpets and doors for the exhibition which Torres explains he will change into a “sculptural device, taking on a harmonious form, unified to produce something new.” This architectural expansion of the field, and the artistic expression of the objects combined together in the gallery, enable the discovery of understated connections and unknown relationships.

The boundaries framing the art, architecture and environment of Torres’ work create conversations–in the dissections, and additions of objects with regards to one another–without the specificity of one discipline.

Without fully being sculptures, installations or still-lifes on their own, these arrangements oscillate between the dream and reality of natural and constructed space. This body of work employs tactics of dérive and détournement in the way that components were accumulated and assembled within the gallery » (http://blog.latitude53.org/post/115889883087/la-colecciion-tiffany-shaw-collinge-on-jose-luis).

Originally from Argentina, José Luis Torres has been living and working in Québec since 2003. His work has been showcased in several solo and group exhibitions, in public interventions and artist residencies in Canada, Argentina, the United States, Mexico and Europe. His exhibit Mutations will be on display until May 23, 2015.

For more details, please visit www.joseluistorres.ca



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