Piece by José Luis Torres added to collection at the cultural center in Argentina

(RE)existir 2013

Sculptor José Luis Torres was recently in Argentina where he created a work of art in Santa Rosa, the capital of the La Pampa province. The project, entitled “(RE) existir”, was originally planned to be on exhibit for a period of two months but will now be a permanent piece at the center.

It was Raúl Fernández Olivi, renown sculptor and cultural director of Santa Rosa, who extended the invitation to Torres. With the general public’s help, Torres’ piece was integrated around the eight columns in the main entrance of the municipal cultural center. Using various objects and repurposed wood found throughout the city, or supplied by the local population, the sculptor was looking to evoke the possibility of continual reinvention; to begin a new cycle, give used objects a second life, integrating used windows, agricultural equipment, doors and wood furniture.

For the artist, the use of wood in his pieces is a sort of anchor in the reality of the locale. The chaotic assembly is a counterweight to the apparent order that is trying to contain certain existences in rigid standards and structures. This is precisely the case in Argentina where the scaffolding of parallel systems is a question of survival, where instability and urgency are integral parts of everyday life.

Torres’ work of art has been judged as audacious by the community and has attracted media attention. The artist gave more than a dozen interviews to radio, television and print media in La Pampa. In fact, the visit from the Argentine-Canadian sculptor created so much interest that the Minster or Culture for the province, who is also Vice-Governor, was counted among the guests who attended the opening. Having been won over by the theme of the pieces, she authorized and announced that Torres’ piece would become a permanent part of the collection.

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José Luis Torres in the Bas-St-Laurent region

19JLT2013TheatrumMundiSculptor José Luis Torres has recently participated in two events in the Bas-St-Laurent region, one in La Pocatière and the other in Rivière-du-Loup, during which he created pieces that resonate.

In fact, the artist who regularly travels internationally to exhibit his artwork recently had two opportunities to create and exchange within his adoptive region of Montmagny. The event entitled Ancrage, organized by the centre d’artistes la Tortue bleue in La Pocatière, had an objective of inviting three artists to create counterweights to movement and nomadism.

Torres approached the theme by drawing from his own personal experience of being uprooted, but with the hope of also touching upon a wider historical perspective. This is why he collected and attached domestic objects on pallets and displayed them along the shore, at the mercy of the tide, leaving spectators the task of trying to determine whether the objects were coming or going. The artist wanted to evoke the experiences of the men and women who arrived here by way of the river, leaving all of their possessions behind. At the same time, the objects on the shore, rich in memories, are a reference to human excessiveness, which often stops people from leaving or moving forward.

With a similar theme, Torres created a piece in downtown Rivière-du-Loup during the Les Flâneurs event, organized by Voir à l’est – Art contemporain. With an incongruous collection of objects, all with a uniquely specific and personal lifespan were displayed within a structure that was built with antique doors. The piece evokes an overflowing and unbridled reservoir of memories, inspired by the event’s theme – Immortaliser l’instant, camoufler le temps – which was developed by Ms. Jocelyne Fortin.

The first piece will be installed until October 15th at the Halte marine in La Pocatière while the second installation will be on display at parc Blais until mid-September.

For further details and to view images of the exhibit, please visit : http://www.joseluistorres.ca

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José Luis Torres participates at event in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine

Ce qui nous entoure, 2013José Luis Torres has an installation that is part of the circuit of works that the public can discover at the Ad Mare center up until August.

The artist was invited to realize his ephemeral piece, in situ, as part of the « faire avec » project, a major event that is being held in the archipelago for the first time at the end of June this year. The event is the result of a partnership between the Centre de recherche sur le milieu insulaire (CERMIN) and Ad Mare.

The exemplary management of residual materials by the local island population and institutions is the inspiration for the faire avec event. In fact, by way of the very real aspects of island life, residents have put collection points in place that are very efficient and display their passion for protecting the fragile ecosystem they live in. Véronique Leblanc, curator of the program, decided to expand upon the theme by including the subject of all that is antiquated, both objects and physical locations.

The piece by sculptor José Luis Torres is an example of repurposing an abandoned site, the foundations of a fish plant that burned down, combined with recycled construction materials. Torres created an open construction with recycled windows that integrated his piece with the surrounding landscape. The work by the artist was one of ten pieces chosen by the head of the program out of the hundreds submitted. In order to complete the piece, the artist worked with the Centre de gestion des matières résiduelles des Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

For the artist, this piece is as much a reflection as it is homage to the local recycling culture. In fact, due to their isolation, island residents have been recycling construction materials for generations, windows in particular. The reconstruction is an economic symbol of the island population’s ingenuity and the inspiration that they cultivate.

For further details and to view images of the exhibit, please visit : http://www.joseluistorres.ca

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José Luis Torres in Finland

2013-06-18 04.36.44
Sculptor José Luis Torres has recently come back from a trip above the Arctic Circle where he participated at the X-Border Art Biennial in northern Europe.

This was the third edition of the event, which at its origins was created in Sweden and has now moved into both Finland and Russia. Organizers received more than 600 artist applications for the event. The selection committee chose 40 projects to be created in three cities located along the same northern parallel that crosses the three countries. Torres, whose work is intimately linked to the event’s theme of crossing borders, presented his piece at Gallery Napa in Rovaniemi, Finland. Gallery Napa was inaugurated during the biennial when the artists’ works were presented.

At the heart of his installation, Torres chose to evoke different interpretations surrounding the concept of borders. With the use of domestic objects, he erected a wall resembling a barricade in the time of extreme conflict, where the besieged use anything they can find around them to protect themselves. Torres went on to explain that his piece is also a critique on today’s consumer society where people hide behind private property. The accumulation of ostentatious possessions is, according to the artist, a way of avoiding exposing the emptiness and inadequateness of those people.

José Luis Torres’ installation will be on exhibit until October 30, 2013, which is when the biennial comes to an end. The artist would like to thank the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for the support offered for the production of this project.

For further details and to view images of the exhibit, please visit http://www.joseluistorres.ca

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Cartón-grafías (Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, Kelowna, BC) 2013

The Alternator welcomes Cartón-grafías, a site-specific installation by José Torres, February 1 – March 16, 2013.

Torres’ pieces, accumulative, viral and invasive, are often assembled or constructed in situ, using methods that are both aesthetic and functional according to the installation site’s architecture. The dialogue between the location and the art directly influences the configuration of his pieces, the choice of materials and their proportion. His work invites visitors and passersby to experience and experiment with the space and the way it is filled in a completely new way. Each piece is anchored in the reflection of the phenomenon of the coexistence with unplanned elements, which change each other and form environments which are in constant evolution.

Video by Sean-Michael Williams of Golden Phoenix Films. Interview & translation by Brit Bachmann.

José Luis Torres presents Cartón-grafías in Kelowna

Cartón-grafías in Kelowna

José Luis Torres will be showing until March 16th at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art in Kelowna, B.C.

The exhibit entitled Cartón-grafías presents a surprising representation of the city, from aerial views, bas-relief and silhouettes, as seen by the artist.  Seeing as this installation is part of Torres’ larger project “Ce qui nous entoure”, which he has been working on for several years, it has been created entirely with materials found on-site, materials found around us and to which the artist gives a sense of being and poetry.

In the case of this exhibit, it is recycled carton boxes that the artist was able to get his hands on.  A multitude of boxes that have taken on the form of spontaneous architecture, an improvised urban landscape, inspired by the specific location of the exhibit.  By doing this, Torres changes these common items, transforming them into something beyond their banal and utilitarian status.

The artist’s goal is to create a confrontation between an organized city and the subversive urbanism of the precarious buildings that have been constructed in residual spaces of large cities, these buildings on the fringes in parallel neighborhoods, forgotten because of the obsession with private property.

For further details and to view images of the exhibit, please visit www.joseluistorres.ca

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José Luis Torres exhibit in Argentina


For the first time since leaving his country to live in Québec, José Luis Torres will be exhibiting his work in Argentina.  It will be a joyful reunion as the artist will be welcomed by his alma mater, the Dr. José Figueroa Alcorta School of the Arts in Córdoba, the capital of the province of the same name.

After ten years of experimenting and exploring through his pieces that examine themes such as; being uprooted, changes in landscape, nomadism, memory, displacement and humane instability, the artist has been invited by the City of the Arts, a group of five art schools in the province of Córdoba, to inaugurate an important series of exhibits presented by university graduates living abroad and having notable international careers.

Torres’ exhibit is entitled ‘Que nos rodea’, which means ‘That which surrounds us’.  The artist explores themes of lighthouses, explaining that ‘Life and survival are a game based on the relationship of the world through trail and error, the accidental and intentional, the image of our society which teeters on the edge between order and chaos’.  Taking advantage of the academic context of the exhibit, the sculptor and former university professor asked two former students to collaborate on his installation by integrating a piece.  The exhibit will be completed with large-scale photos displaying some of José Luis Torres’ recent pieces.

During the opening last December 12th, the artist held a conference exploring his works, with many of his former colleagues, university compatriots and students present in the audience.  The exhibit will be held until March 17th at the Ernesto Farina exhibit hall at the Dr J. F. Alcorta School of the Arts.

The artist would like to thank the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec who gave him the opportunity to participate in this project in Argentina.

Source : Tintamarre communication créative 

José Luis Torres – two current exhibits

Mise en scène, Centre national d’exposition in Jonquière

Sculptor José Luis Torres currently has two exhibits running in Quebec, one being at the Centre d’exposition de Mont-Laurier and the other atthe Centre national d’exposition in Jonquière.

From now until November 23rd, his installation entitles Autoconstrucciones can be viewed by the general public in Mont-Laurier in the form of a constantly evolving construction site.  In fact, the room-dividers made from repurposed construction materials and placed on wheels can be moved around by visitors.   “The way in which one moves throughout the exhibit is constantly redefined given the fact that the visitor can create their own rooms, spaces, corridors or labyrinths.  Like a nomad, the visitor can wander about this architectural universe that is under construction or “deconstruction” and often unfinished.”

Also, from now until November 22nd, the exhibit Mise en scène, an unusual and poetic installation, is running in Jonquière and open to the general public.  The artist has explained that this exhibit, inspired by object theatre, is based on using everyday items in a different context.  The featured objects, which are gathered in strange groupings, suggest new uses and new ways of viewing them.  The objects are linked by ropes, or piled up or leaning on one another.  Furniture elements have been added to the dynamic sculptures and a delicate balancing of the objects can be observed.

Through these two exhibits, the artist continues to reflect on the subject of the viewers interaction with the objects.  By transforming the general public in to actors amongst his work, José Luis Torres is pushing the view to become part of the show, to become the subject of the exhibit.  These two in situ installations were mostly produced by using materials found onsite one of the artist’s favourite creative methods.

Source :  Tintamarre communication créative

José Luis Torres has taken over a gallery in Manitoba


Sculptor José Luis Torres presents Situations encombrantes (cumbersome situations) at the Galerie du Centre culturel franco-manitobain in Winnipeg until June 3rd. The exhibit in situ, installed in front of the general public last April 13th to 16th, literally takes over the gallery space to transform it into a succession of situations that confront visitors.  In fact, the passages left between the accumulated objects that make up the exhibit, create troubling paths that the public can choose to take or not.  These hazardous paths force the viewer to reflect on each and every object that is hidden in their own backyard – stowed away for the day it might be useful.

Still as besotted as ever with the theme of nomadism, this Argentinian now living in Québec has created a way to incite the public to travel lighter leave behind the physical and psychological borders that are imposed on them.  A fair amount of the material used for the installation was collected from the public after announcements were placed with the media.  With the keen interest for his exhibit that has been generated by media attention, Torres has received an impressive and varied array of objects from the public.

In a radio interview with Radio-Canada, Torres expressed how reusing materials for his exhibit is a way to transcend environmental considerations to reach a philosophical point: “I take objects and give them a second life.  Sometimes, we find ourselves up against a wall in certain situations.  We must, therefore, reinvent ourselves, we need to be more creative in life.”

With Torres’ project, the Centre culturel franco-manitobain received funding from the Conseil des arts du Manitoba in order to hold workshops for high school students.  As a result, 32 students from Précieux Sang School in Winnipeg had the chance to exchange with the artist and experience the in situ installations that were presented around the exhibit.  This marks the first time an activity of this nature and of this importance has taken place at the Centre culturel francophone du Manitoba .

Source : Tintamarre communication créative 

José Luis Torres exhibit at Annapolis Royal

Que nos rodea - Around us

ARTsPLACE at the Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia is presenting the Ce qui nous entoure – Around us exhibit by José Luis Torres up until July 21st.

Completed over a five-day installation period, the piece is a giant wave that moves across the exhibit space and finishes outside, by way of a window.  The imposing sculpture is made from wood collected in the area: remnants from construction projects offered to the artist by locals who were intrigued by the project or driftwood washed up on shore.  The ocean and its effect on the Annapolis Royal landscape are the heart of the artist’s inspiration for the piece.

True as ever to his creative process, Torres imagined his sculpture in function with the configuration of the exhibit space and also in regards to the geographical context of the exhibit location.  During his trip by car and by boat between his residence and Nova Scotia , the sea and the shoreline that he observed inspired Torres.  Annapolis Royal has literally been sculpted and scraped away by the waves hitting the shore – the artist wanted to recreate the power he saw in that in his piece.

Furthermore, via the dialogue that he has created between the indoor and outdoor spaces, Torres’ exhibit provokes movement in the space.  Visitors that are intrigued by the sculpture that they see outdoors move in to the gallery and follow the wave that then brings them around to looking outside again.  For Torres, the piece sends certain reflections back to society, an amalgam of trials and errors, accidents and intentions, order and chaos.  Torres is able to give new life to the materials that he uses, whatever they are and where ever they came from.  The installation also affirms that architecture is an experimental medium.

José Luis Torres was born in Argentina.  He has a diploma from the Figueroa-Alcorta Art School in fine arts and teaching.  In addition, he has a Master’s in sculpture and a BA in architecture.  He has been living and working in Quebec since 2003. The exhibit Ce qui nous entoure was produced with support from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts and the City of Montmagny.

Source : Tintamarre communication créative